Welcome to Parb’s Group

Welcome to Parb Furniture.At Parb Furniture,we believe that style and comfort need not be mutually exclusive or in design terms, form and function need not follow one another but can comfortably coexist together. 

Everything we do is for the love of furniture,Our love for furniture is not a statement that adorns the wall outside our chairman’s office.It’s a belief, that finds its roots in, your love for furniture. 
Your moments with it. Memories of it. And Yearning for it.It’s not wood, metal and fabric in varied proportions, occupying different corners of the house. It’s your kid's trekking rehearsal, wife's pampering, husband’s bribes and mother-in-law's obsession for the remote. 
It’s where life lives.


What we do

From being the Parb Furniture in plywood and veneer business to being the leading lifestyle brand in India, our journey has been a memorable one. A journey that has been eventfully marked by numerous pioneering achievements in the Interiors Infrastructure Industry. Today we touch the lives of Million of Indians everyday with our range of innovative laminates, sturdy doors and world class home and office furniture. And this has been possible because of our passion for excellence in everything that we do. In fact at Parb Furniture, excellence is an attitude. An attitude that has been taken to heart by our strong and committed customer-centric team of professionals across pan India.